Youth Red Cross is the youth branch of Indian Red Cross Society which is an impartial, neutral, independent youth organization. The fundamental principles of international Red Cross movement are humanity, impartiality, neutrality, independence, voluntary service, unity, universality and our Youth Red Cross functions on these principles.

The objectives of YRC are to a) train zealous youth volunteers in the principles of Red Cross to develop a sense of social service in the time of disaster, b) promote health, hygiene and sanitation among the community members for prevention of diseases, c) promote friendship at the national and international level and develop the quality of leadership among the youth.

Every student on the college rolls is a member of the youth red cross under the stewardship of a counselor. The Youth Red Cross opens up a wide vista for the students to test their poetentiality, philanthropic service, friendship, leadership, self-reliance, dignity of labour and skills to render necessary services as an when required. Recently, disaster preparedness has been accepted as one of the service areas.

The principal shall operate the funds of the Youth Red Cross and his decision in matters of the admisibility is final.