1. Every student is required to attend his/her classes regularly and punctually. Continuus absence without permission is a serious breach of college discipline.

2. Students are required to take their seats before the teacher enters the classroom. They sould not ordinarily, leave their seats when the class is going on.

3. A student coming late and seeking permission to enter the classroom, may be allowed to do so at the discretion of the teacher concerned.

4. In no circumstance shall teaching be interrupted by any student in the classroom.

5. Students should behave in a disciplined manner in the classroom and the attentive to the teacher.

6. Students not connected with a class in progress, should not assembly infront of the classroom or make noise. They are strictly forbidden to loiter on the varandahs or in the corridor.

1. Every student is required to attend his/her classes regularly and punctually. Continuus absence without permission is a serious breach of college discipline.

7. Students, including boarders, are required to take prior permission of the Principal attend any political meeting, but they should so conduct themselves as not to bring themselves into undesirable prominence and they must not take any active part in the proceedings. It should be borne in mind that the college exists for the purpose of education. Politics in college should be dealt in a scholarly way in the form of lectures and thoughtful address. The Principal may, however, prohibit students from attending a political meeting (Article No-114 of the Odisha Education Code)

8. No club, Society or Association can be formed or maintained in the college, and no function can be organized without permission from the Principal.

9. No college player can play for any team other than the college team without the written permission of the Principal.

10. Students are required to go to the counters specified to get their work done. They should not enter the office for any purpose without permission.

11. Students should invariably stand in queue and maintain discipline while waiting near the office window for transacting their business with the office.

12. Students are advised to meet the principal and other officers on his behalf only during the prescribed hours for interview.

13. Students are not allowed to enter the staff common room. In case, a student has some work with any member of the teaching staff, he/she is required to inform through the attendant of the staff common room.

14. Students are required to bring their identity cards regularly and to produce whenever required.

15. Student should put their grievances in written to the Principal.

16. Students are required to come to the college wearing the prescribed college uniform.

17. Spitting on the walls, floors, pillars or doors and windows of the college building is strictly prohibited.

18. Scribbing, sticking of bills or otherwise disflouring of the college walls, buildings, gate or paths are strictly forbidden.

19. Tempering with the light and fan switches and other electric installations in the college is strictly forbidden.

20. Students must not displace or damage the furniture of the college. Any damage of the college property shall be viewed seriously and the student concerned shall be penalized.

21. Students must maintain discipline and decorum in the play ground and while attending meetings and functions.

22. Applications for CLC/Conduct Certificate/Market sheet/continuity certificate be submitted before 12 noon to facilitate the issue of the same the following day. In case of urgency, a prescribed urgent fee is to be deposited to get them after 2 P.M. on the same day.

Protocol System:


1. For better interaction between the teachers and the students, each student will be assigned with a protocal group (Comparising 16 Students) placed under the charge of a proctor who shall be a member of the teaching staff.

2. The student shall meet the proctor atleast once a month in the proctorial class or as many times as is necessary to discuss his/her difficulties and problems, academic and financial, etc.

3. Every student shall furnish all such information to the proctorial record.

4. No student shall leave the headquarters without informing the proctor concerned.

5. The student shall always be available and readily meet the proctor as and when required and carry on such duties as the proctor may assign from time to time.

Attendance and Conditions:


1. Each academmic session, a student is required to attend in each subject a minimum of 75% of General Lectures. Practical classes and tutorial are calculated separately to be eligible for promotion to the next higher class or to appear the CHSE/University Examination.

2. The Council may, however, condone the deficiency of attancance to the extent of 15% in exceptional cases; and for +2 examinees the CHSE may condone upto 10% only.

3. The Council may condone to a future extent of 5% in case of those who are deputed by the Government or university for public purposes.

4. Application for condonation of shortage of attendance on medical grounds will not be has been stuck off the college rolls for any reason