The Ranger unit is a senior section in the Guide Management. Rangering suggests self-discipline, service and wisdom. Rangering provides a well designed programme to suit to the need of the youth, who have individual differences and ideas. It inculcates the print fellow feeling and togetherness. It provides a forum to forge mutual otherness; the dire need of our time when each one tends to be self-centered and life as an island separated from others around. Ranger training is progressively developed for girls to emerge as self independent persons, useful to others in the society, taking responsibility in the development of their community individually as well as collectively protecting nature, culture and heritage, promoting national integration with human values.

The Rovers crew (for boys) and the Rangers crew (for girls) of this college have the rare distinction with commendable performance and achievement since their introduction in 1994. Each crew consists of 24 volunteers and work under the direct supervision of Odisha State Bharat Scouts and Guides, Bhubaneswar